Beginner’s Guide to Guajarati Thali

7 Mar

Beginner’s Guide to Gujarati Thali

A typical Gujarati Thali offers a great opportunity to try some authentic Gujarati food and get the real taste of Gujarati cuisine.

To attain these objectives, Gujarati thali consists of little portions of various Gujarati dishes that sum up a typical Gujarati meal. This generally includes one variety of dal, kadhi, a few vegetable options, chapati or puri and rice and papad. Gujarati food is also accompanied with pickle, chutney and to always finish this perfect meal, there is buttermilk.

Most of these are made from cereal, pulses, vegetables and rice making it also a very healthy and ideal diet. The spices that are used include ginger, garlic and green chilies. In this cuisine one finds more use of jarrery, instead of sugar. The staple dal consumed in Gujarat is the Toovar Dal, which is usually served with rice. The well-known flour besan is prepared with the channa dal, which is widely used in making the dishes like Farsan and several other sweetmeats.

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