Choose the right Wedding Hotel in Mumbai (Wedding Hotel Mumbai)

6 Dec

Choose the right wedding Hotel in Mumbai

The terms ‘wedding’ and ‘marriage’ are often used interchangeably. They are, however, two very different words. A marriage is between two people but a wedding is between the families, lives and close friends. A marriage is a commitment whereas a wedding is a celebration. Hence, a wedding is one of the most significant events in one’s life. The preparation of which – even more important. Right from finding the perfect attire, to the perfect food, to the perfect invites, to the perfect guest list, and most importantly, the perfect venue!


Wedding venues and hotels in Mumbai and around the world are booked months and years in advance. Being one of they key elements on a wedding checklist, the wedding venue is also one of the most expensive on the checklist and hence, it is significantly important for the bride, groom and the respective families to choose the right venue. Multiple factors need to be taken into consideration and made sure they aren’t overlooked.


Hotel Parle International specially curates a quick checklist before you choose any wedding hotel in Mumbai:

Know the upper end of number of invitees and choose a venue accordingly.
If you require rooms, make sure you choose a hotel so it can hold your non-Mumbai resident guests.
The venue should not be in the outskirts especially when it is not a destination wedding.
The rooms (if needed) are available when the event space is and vice versa.
Confirm dates, prices, details, menus in a written contract with the hotel/ venue.
Post road and direction signs near your venue for guests to reach the venue effortlessly.
Check if the venue offers décor, sound and light, and if you may, if you could use an external vendor.
Indoor or outdoor? Make a tough choice by weighing all pros & cons.
Make sure the venue’s look and feel matches your dream wedding’s. That way you’ll spend less on décor.
Food and beverage is extremely important. Don’t undermine it and do tastings till your heart’s content.
If you have planned any entertainment at the wedding, gauge if the venue be able to hold it.
Plan all the licenses you may need to take before you draw up the venue budget, for eg., liquor license.
Realistically consider the budgets of the shortlisted venues in comparison and draw up a (+) and (-) list.
Allocate one of your sisters, brothers or friends solely to undertake venue management.
In the event space you want to do your pheras (if any), does the hotel/ venue have requisite permissions
Does the venue charge corkage fee or do you have to commission alcohol only to them?
Know how much setup time does your décor vendor need and if that time is included in the package.
Know the venue and sound timings and restrictions respectively.
Know if a bride and groom changing room is included in the package.
Know if there is parking available at the venue/ hotel and if there is any limit to the number of cars.
Know if there is a lift/ step-free access for the elderly and disabled.

This may not be the most exhaustive list but is brief and indicative of what you need to know from the hotel/ venue you choose. Hotel Parle International, holding a reputation they do, are pioneers in successfully planned weddings at each or all of their 5 stunning spaces for all sizes and pockets.

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