Find a Budget Hotel in Mumbai?

Find a Budget Hotel in Mumbai?
27 Dec

Find a Budget Hotel in Mumbai?

Mumbai – the city of dreams has been a flocking spot for many around the world from all walks of the world. To cater to that demand there are various premium and budget hotels in Mumbai that have increased in number over the past decade. With the magnanimous number of hotels in Mumbai, it becomes a herculean task to choose the right kind, the right location and of course the right budget hotel in Mumbai. Listed below are a few steps to make the effort to look for a hotel, effortless.

The Location
Identify where you need to be and always be accessible to Mumbai’s strong public transport. Live close to one of the railway stations – the strongest ones belong to those of the Western Railway Line if on a tight budget. Second, do you need to be close to the airport or a shopping center or a commercial complex or are you just visiting Mumbai for the first time? If any of these match your criteria choose a location anywhere between Andheri and Bandra preferably on the East side as you will be in the center of everything good and yet accessible.

The Brand
Large hotel chains are generally more expensive than smaller individual hotels, while they may be equally good. Don’t compromise on quality but don’t consume above your needs. If you need 24 hours complimentary WiFi and not a swimming pool, choose a hotel that is exactly that. That way you’ll be extracting optimized value off your money. Individual hotels may give you personalized and customized attention unlike large hotel chains.

What do people say?
Unbiased, unpaid reviews like most on websites like TripAdvisor are a well-suited guide to choose an appropriate hotel for you. While that may not be a be all and end all guide to your choice, it definitely is an effective yard stick.

Where to find these hotels?
OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) are a great place to find popular hotels in the city, compare them with others, see what people have to say, check real traveler images and more.

Do a Background Check
Not a 100% foolproof method, but a good way to check the quality of the hotel is to understand their digital presence. Do they have a website? Are they responsive to their guests on digital platforms? If yes, the hotel definitely has the intention to serve their guests better. If not, they may not be so evolved.

A budget hotel in Mumbai that performs well on all or most of the above parameters is Hotel Parle International, strategically located near the domestic and international airport and in the heart of the city. Check them out on

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