Juhu Beach the ideal place to be

7 Feb

Juhu Beach the ideal place to be

One of the most famous beaches in the city located in the suburban area of Vile Parle is Juhu beach. The beach overlooks the Arabian Sea and is very popular among locals and tourists alike. One can find people strolling up along the beach and flocking around food stalls all day long. At such stalls you can find everything right from the famous ice gola and falooda to help you beat the heat to pav bhaji and chaat for a quick snack. It is a foodie’s paradise as well as a paradise for athletes whom you will find every evening jogging along the shore.

Among the most sophisticated areas of Mumbai, Juhu Beach is an undisputed favorite of not just locals but also of Bollywood. The star appeal and the neighborhood make Juhu Beach the most sought after among all the beaches of Mumbai. Classic films like CID, Anand and Seeta Aur Geeta have been shot at the famous Juhu Beach.

Finally, after the locals and the stars, we have the visitors and tourists of Mumbai. Every tourist that comes to the city of Mumbai never misses the opportunity to visit Juhu Beach. It’s always on every tourist’s bucket list to visit the beach because of various attractions like the evergreen gola, the chance to relive the Bollywood dream and to make all this very accessible, Juhu beach has many hotels around it like Hotel Parle International. HPI is conveniently located at a 5KM drive from this beach and is the perfect choice for guests as it offers competitively priced and high-quality rooms with complimentary breakfast for all our guests.

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