Room Essentials

9 May

Room Essentials

For someone who always travels and if you’re business keeps you away from home more than it keeps you at home, you will soon come to realize that a few things will always be required during your stay to make your stay more comfortable. Some of these essentials are:-

  1. Power Outlets – In the age of smart phones and laptops, work often depends on our digital platforms and the one thing these have in common is their battery never lasts forever, it needs to be charged. Hotel rooms should have at least one or two guest outlets near the bed and the study table, making it easier to charge the device while accessing it.
  2. A kettle – It’s truly said that you can conquer the world with coffee. A tea or coffee is the perfect way to kick start your day, which then should obviously be followed with a healthy breakfast and you’re all set to go have a great work day.
  3. Toothbrush and toothpaste – After being on the road most of the time, one often forgets to carry the smallest and basic things. Most of the time, these smallest and basic things include a toothbrush and some toothpaste. So it’s always s relief to know that your hotel has got you covered not only with a toothbrush and toothpaste but also with an entire hygiene kit ready for you.
  4. Packaged Water – Water is a basic amenity and every so often, establishments charge you even for that. Good hotels however, provide you with such basic amenities, most importantly a few complimentary bottles of packaged drinking water to keep you hydrated.
  5. A room service menu – Nothing is more comforting than coming back to your hotel room, laying down to relax and having your food come to your door. This is often made accessible through the hotel’s nifty room service menu. The room service menu always needs to be kept next to the bed lamp and the hotel phone, well within your reach at any given time making it easy to place the order.
  6. A wardrobe – Every hotel room needs to have a wardrobe of decent capacity to at least put your luggage and a few clothes away.

All of these just help make your stay a little homelier and the best part is that all of these amenities and more are available at Hotel Parle International for your convenience.

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