Drink & Dine

Drink & Dine


Celebrate. Enjoy. Unwind. Swigs, our in-house bar welcomes you to do just that. With some of the best beverages & mocktails served, our bartenders make sure you grab a drink as you walk-in & wear a smile as you walk-out


In a city that never stops. In a city that lives by day and also by night, stands our 24hrs Coffee Shop to serve and welcome our guests at any given hour of the day. A multi-cuisine café, our chef’s specialize in making delicacies from all around the country with the aim to pamper the taste buds for every visiting customer


Nimantran as the name suggests, welcomes you. With extremely delicious and mouth-watering Gujarati food, this restaurant brings to you the authentic thali a pure jain food from the land of Gujarat. From the dhoklas to the dal khichdi, each of our visiting customers end up licking their fingertips to relish each and every bite of their meals.