They say, Mumbai is a city and Bombay, an experience!

Every day, millions of Mumbaikars wake up and start their day hurriedly as they head towards their respective workplaces. The Bombay mornings ain’t similar to any other city. The race against time, the fight to make it to work on time, the momentary excitement of reaching on time to catch the train, in all make these mornings special in their own way.

Rich or Poor, Employed or Unemployed, Married or Single, each of them, other than living this race every day, have another thing in common. Any guesses?

Well, it’s Mumbai’s own Burger, The Vada Pav.

A must have for tourists, a staple diet for Mumbaikars, a solution to hunger pangs, a fast food that is available faster than fast food ever expected itself to be.

The Vada Pav as simple it sounds is available all across the city in multiple flavours and at multiple price points. There are polls that are conducted across the city to rate the best Vada Pav of Mumbai. While every year, we hear new names and locations here, there is one that beats the others hands down.

The Vada Pav at Mithibai College.


A hangout joint just 2km away from Hotel Parle International, sees thousands of visitors every day biting into these mouth-watering deep-fried mashed potato patties, chili peppers, ginger powder along with the lethal combination of tamarind & mint sauce

The Vada Pav at Mithibai not only has fans that relish it locally, but also tons of travellers who take it along with them when travelling across cities & countries.

As a close friend from that college says, “Mithibai ka Vada Pav nahi khaya toh kya khaya”