One of the most talked about locations of Mumbai, located in the heart of the city, Vile Parle witnesses people from all around Mumbai on their feet heading to their defined destinations throughout the day. From housing one of the most famous market places of Mumbai, to having some of the best educational institutes of the city, this place has a story of its own.

Vile Parle, the name takes its roots from the two temples in the area (a fact unknown), namely, Virleshwar & Parleshwar. Having said that, it was also the location where one of India’s most successful brands – Parle setup its first factory. An area that is divided into two parts, the East & West, Vile Parle is home to a large number of Gujarati & Maharashtrian mumbaikars who have been residing there since decades.

Being centrally and strategically located, the area is very well connected with the rest of the city via its rail and roadways made available to the people.  Once aboard the local train, one doesn’t just experience the beauty & surroundings of this place, but also gets carried away by that sweet smell of biscuit that spreads across from the Parle Factory throughout the area. Probably this is why I have heard people say this repeatedly, “Ye Parla Ki Mitti Khushboo Main Kuch Baat Hai”

Hotel Parle International is located very close to Vile Parle Station which gives it great accessibility to travel to different places in Mumbai.